About us


We are a young team fond of energy savings. After saving more than half of our energy consumption in our personal houses, we decide to help other people achieve the same. That's why Jouls is born. We are dreaming of a world without global warming, where everything is part of the circular economy.

Arthur Moreau

Arthur Moreau CEO of Jouls - round pictureBelgian Business engineer turned serial entrepreneur, he has worked during multiple years in different sustainable projects. His last collaboration was with the Belgian startup Sunslice which created the smallest solar charger of the world.

He is dreaming of a world entirely powered by sustainable energy, starting by the city of Amsterdam.

Charlotte van der Sommen

Charlotte van der Sommen CTO of Jouls - round picturesMaster of Science in Industrial Design and Dutch multi-entrepreneur. She has co-founded Bit of Energy, a device that creates awareness about energy consumption for the children. She has also developed the smart plug Juul. direct cousin of the current Jouls.

She is dreaming of a totally energy neutral society in which everyone participates in making the world more sustainable.


The challenge: cutting the inefficient electricity

The global warming is a problem everybody is well aware of. With a current increase of 1,8°C in The Netherlands and 1°C worldwide of the temperature, it seems urgent to act.

Unfortunately, few people are aware of how to tackle this problem efficiently. The Netherlands, using only 6,6% of renewable energy in 2017, rely mainly on burning fossil fuels. Out of this huge quantity of CO2 emitted, 41% is due to households consumption.

House-owners are often making efforts, but not with the right appliances, resulting that they save less than they could.

As an example, let’s take the small effort of unplugging. You can unplug the phone charger after use or the TV after watching. The results, shown below, are striking: unplugging the TV save 150 times more energy. Jouls helps you make the right choices.

€ saved

kg CO2 emissions saved
/ year

Phone charger






According to our case-studies each user could save approximately 500 kWh, 141,5 kg CO2 emissions per house which together will sum to national level makes 103,320,550 kg CO2 emissions saved.

The vision

Jouls want to go further than energy assessment for houses. We want to make it easy and fast to reduce the energy consumption of your house.

In order to do so, we are currently developing an energy saving solution using artificial intelligence and smart plugs. As this project is currently in progress, the project is not disclosed on this website. If you want to know about the current progress, check our weekly pictures on Instagram @joulsenergy o or send us a email via the page contact page.

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